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So What Happened?

May was such a dry spell for me, but June was fantastic in terms of non-bookish content! Also, I read a lot of books and comics for the last two months, so I really beat my Goodreads Reading Challenge! 😂

I read 12 books, and the rest are graphic novels and comic books! I binged All-New Captain America #1-6 and continued on with Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 1-5, including the Secret Empire Tie-Ins. Stay tuned because I might post my mini-reviews on Unstacked.

I also started Hawkeye (2012)by Matt Fraction! While, I’m still on Vol 2 (Issue #7) as of writing, yet I’m totally in love with everything! I’d take 616-Clint over MCU Clint any day of the week.

Kara Thomas released a new book this June and That Weekend was super worth the wait! I posted a review of it so make sure to check it out! Also, shoutout to the wonderful summer reads that I enjoyed: Cool For The Summer, Summer Bird Blue, and All Last Summer!

Here is the rundown for my May and June Blog Posts!

Blog Posts Rundown

Roll The Credits 🍿

Movies 🎞

The movies I watched in May were meh, and I was on a bit of a Sebastian Stan binge, and most of his movies outside Marvel are… meh 😅, except for The Martian. I quite liked Endings, Beginnings though. Here’s a rundown of films I watched for May and June. Follow me on Letterboxd for terrible movie reviews.

the rundown, roll the credits letterboxd wrap-up

I also watched a few romance movies, including Christmas ones. Nothing beats watching Christmas movies in the middle of the summer! I enjoyed Midnight at the Magnolia, ugh best friends-to-lovers strikes again! A California Christmas was cute but super cliché. I found out that the main actors were married IRL so that explains their chemistry! The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It was fun too! True love is always the answer, I guess.

TV Shows 📺


While I spent most of May reading, June spoiled me a lot with my most anticipated releases! Loki, Trese, and Hospital Playlist Season 2 are the shows I’m currently watching. I binged Trese both in English and Tagalog dub and it was a lot of fun!

june things i'm looking forward to: in photos showmance poster, loki poster, trese poster, hospital playlist poster
Things I’m Looking Forward To This June

As I’ve shared above, I recently posted my recap and review for Loki’s first two episodes. Hospital Playlist on the other hand has already released three episodes! Yes, I am watching it weekly and the wait is always worth it!

Although it’s not on the screen, I’m also enjoying Showmance right now! It’s currently ongoing and has released 5 episodes so far. If you’re into fiction podcasts or audio dramas, check out Showmance and the earlier RomComPods seasons!

Let’s Chat! 💬

I hope you enjoyed my May and June Wrap-Up Post! What has been your highlight so far? Link your wrap-up below!

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  1. I watched Trese too! My May wasn’t good but June was much better. As for books, May was great but June was slump-ish haha. It’s been ups and downs honestly. But oh well.

  2. I had too some issues the last few months, but it seems like it’s picking up in the last few weeks and also reading too! Just added some graphic novels to my TBR and really need to get started on Loki and Hospital Playlist! x