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I really hope I’m not the only one who’s writing their 2021 Reading Goals late in January. However, this is literally the only time I have had since I’ve been adjusting to my new work for the past two weeks.

Life update: Yes, I have a new job. Yay! I really feel like it’s been a great way for me to start the new year with a blank slate. I just started working again last week and things have been pretty exciting.

Now onto the actual reading goals.

2021 reading goals

I failed my 2020 Reading Challenge after setting 40 books as a goal and reading just three. I was really busy focusing on my career last year, with the pandemic hitting us hard and all that. During the days I spent at home during the lockdown period, I didn’t even pick up a book.

Reading Goals in Threes

This year, I’m sticking to three books again, but I have more than that which I really want to get into. Then again, as one of my resolutions, I’m not going to pressure myself into reading because I want to enjoy it at my own pace.

I want to share the books I really want to read and these are going to be some of my choices for this year. If you might know, I’m a mood reader so I pick up books based on what I feel on a certain day that I decide to read, and I’m keeping all the options I could have.

Backlist Titles

These are the 3 backlist titles that I’m really hoping to finish this year. I’ve actually already started with You Deserve Each Other because of the hype I see on Twitter. Meanwhile, since I’m really into Korean Dramas, I know I’ll be able to pick up Somewhere Only We Know and Dokkaebi in no time. Especially since I loved both authors’ previous works.

Upcoming and Recent Releases

Like the previous authors, I’ve already read 2 out of 3 authors. Although Rachel Lynn Solomon is familiar, I haven’t read any of her works yet, and The Ex-Talk looks really cute and interesting because romance and podcasts are a big yes for me!

As for Courtney Summers and Kara Thomas, they’re my favorite thriller queens! I’m really excited to read their upcoming books! I really hope I could snag a copy of both soon! Sadie was my top read for 2018 and I want to experience the same emotions I felt back then.

I really hope I can stick to my goal because I miss the feeling of reading books for fun!


I’ve already hit my 2021 Goodreads Reading Challenge last March so I’m just going with the flow and pacing myself well. Although, I’ll have you know that I’ve read 67 books already as of writing.

From the six books listed above, the ones I’ve read are You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle (Read March 2021), Dokkaebi by Kat Cho (Read April 2021), and That Weekend by Kara Thomas (Read June 2021).

Let’s Talk!

  • Have you read any of the books I mentioned?
  • What are your 2021 Reading Goals?
  • Which upcoming release are you most excited about?

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    1. Hey Bea! Thank you for dropping by. Sad to hear you didn’t like the book.
      I’m really really excited for The Ex Talk! Let me know once you’ve read it!