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I’ve been putting off writing this because I can’t seem to find the right words to write. This shouldn’t feel foreign to me, but strangely it does. It’s not like I stopped writing completely.

But I stopped reading. And honestly? It felt okay.

Hello, my name is Inah.

You might know me as @inahreads on Twitter and Instagram. I previously ran a book blog called The Bibliophile Confessions. Unfortunately, I went on a blogging and reading hiatus in 2019 for personal reasons.

Towards the end of 2019, I got the idea of pursuing a freelance writing gig. Since for some reason, I couldn’t recover my old posts, I decided to start everything from scratch. I looked into self-hosting a blog and went on and purchased a plan and domain from Hostinger. After a few months of switching themes here and there, I found one of Studio Mommy’s themes on sale and so I said “screw it” and paid for it. Tada! Here we are, back to the basics.

Welcome to my small space!

This will be a journal of sorts, but as I try to bring back the spark I had for reading, I will try to post some book reviews and discussions as well. I will also incorporate my love for films, Korean dramas and variety and other TV shows here. Hence, the featured categories above.

I’ll also try to repost some of my old book reviews from Goodreads, but feel free to check them out anytime. I’m calling that feature From The Repository.

Things might be a little bare right now, but bear with me (heh) and join along as I share with you some random updates about me and the things I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy reading my upcoming content and consider subscribing!

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    1. Hi Lois!

      Thank you! It’s great to be back in the community. I missed a lot of things and I’m really excited to meet new bloggers! I hope you enjoy my content.