three meals a day fishing village 5 cast
Three Meals A Day Fishing Village 5 (tvN, 2020)

I pretty much lived independently from my family since college since I lived in the dorm, but I haven’t explored much of my cooking skills since I started working. I’m two years into sharing a small condo space near my workplace. While I only cooked quick meals before, the whole situation has shifted now given the pandemic we’re currently facing.

Gone were the days where omelets are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since we’re not allowed to eat outside anymore, I had to come up with a meal plan to serve as my daily “baon”. Pre-Covid, I only cook thrice a week but now I cook my food every day.

Three Meals a Day has been a great food inspiration for me to whip up quick meals, thanks to Cha Seung Won’s amazing cooking abilities. From simple omelet and fried rice, I was able to sort of upgrade my skills to cooking jeyuk bokkeum or spicy stir fried pork! Lol.

meal prep
My usual array of staple food.

But honestly, it’s fun to try new recipes, even though it’s hard to actually plan meals ahead. Still, cooking is a life skill that I’m proud to say I’m good at.

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