What If Zombies? is my most anticipated What If Episode! I haven’t read the comic run for Marvel Zombies, but I learned that it was Robert Kirkman who wrote the first series. In case you’re not familiar, Robert Kirkman was responsible for The Walking Dead and Invincible! So after watching this episode, I had to start reading Marvel Zombies and I’m telling you, the comics were way more violent and bleak than this one.

Having said that, What If Zombies? was a great episode that really paid my full anticipation off.

This review contains spoilers so please tread lightly or watch the show first.

What If…? Episode Five: What If Zombies?

Quick Recap 📝

Following the opening events of Infinity War, Bruce Banner was sent back to Earth crashing into The Sanctum Santorum, but he finds the place deserted. Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian arrive on Earth but were killed and turned by Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong as zombies. The zombies attack Banner but he was saved by Wasp, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange’s Cape.

They bring Banner to their team of survivors: Bucky Barnes, Okoye, Kurt, Happy Hogan, and Sharon Carter. Hope explains the origin of the virus: Janet Van Dyne contracts a quantum realm virus and infects Hank during the rescue and attacks Scott upon their return to the lab where Hope manages to escape. The infection spreads throughout and the Avengers tries to stop them but they get infected as well.

They travel to Camp Lehigh where they believe there’s a cure. However, the team gets attacked by zombies, including Falcon, Hawkeye, and Captain America. Sharon and Happy gets infected, while Hope gets wounded.

Their train stops miles outside the Camp, and Hope sacrifices herself and transports the team safely inside the camp before she turns into a zombie. They meet Vision and learns that the Mind Stone can reverse the virus, with a cured Scott Lang’s head preserved in a jar as proof. Bucky discovers an amputated T’Challa and a Zombie Wanda being kept by Vision alive. He rescues T’Challa and reunites with the team, who learns Vision’s secret. Wanda escapes her cell and kills Okoye, Kurt, and Bucky. Vision sacrifices himself to help the team by giving them the Mind Stone.

Hulk fights Wanda and the other zombies as the remaining team escapes successfully and heads to Wakanda. Meanwhile, a Zombie Thanos awaits with the rest of the Infinity Stones.

Episode Thoughts 🧠

This was my most anticipated episode ever since the teasers got released way back in D23 Expo! I like zombies and horror, in general, that’s why I’m excited about this episode!

I watched this without really expecting anything and I really loved it! The team line-up featured here was one I didn’t know I needed! The banter and overall dynamics of the team were really funny and amazing! I like Kurt from the Ant-Man movies, but I think Luis really stands out as the funny guy, so I love that he’s getting the spotlight as the comic relief in this episode.

Peter really embodied being Peter Parker here. He got the funny quips and charming personality we all knew to love. Plus, I think this was the first-ever mention of Uncle Ben in the MCU! I only hope that he didn’t eat MJ and Aunt May like the Zombie Spidey in the comic run. 🤣

Also, uhm Mister Bucky Barnes in the shower? God damn even in his animated form he continues to be a thirst trap for me. 😂

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My only gripe about this episode is that it’s not long enough! The ending was pretty bleak and open-ended but it’s a good setup for a continuation if they ever decide to continue with it. And I sure hope they do!


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