What If Thor were an only child? What happens to Loki then?

This might be the most hilarious episode of What If as of date. This was so out of the box. People might get alienated because it’s all comedy but honestly, I really enjoyed it!

This review contains spoilers so please tread lightly or watch the show first.

What If…? Episode Seven: What If Thor were an Only Child?

Quick Recap 📝

As the war between Asgard and Jotunheim ends, Odin returns baby Loki to Laufey and the Frost Giants. Years later, Odin rests in Odinsleep, and Frigga visits her sisters leaving Thor to study in Asgard. Instead of studying, Thor leaves for Earth and arrives in Las Vegas to start a party, inviting different beings across the galaxy, including a Frost Giant Loki.

Thor’s arrival alerts Jane Foster and she travels to Vegas with Darcy. Jane warns the government of this alien arrival, but she becomes attracted to Thor as they meet. SHIELD responds to Jane’s warning and Fury meets up with Thor to stop him but Korg accidentally knocks him out. The party continues and more visitors come to Earth.

The next day, Maria Hill confronts Jane and calls in Captain Marvel to handle Thor, resulting in destruction. Jane urges Captain Marvel to attack Thor in less populated areas. Jane seeks Heimdall’s help to let her meet Frigga and explain. Hill calls in a strike for Thor as Captain Marvel battles him but they find a truce when Frigga contacts Thor. Scared of his mother, Thor stops the party and asks everyone to help him fix the destruction they caused.

Frigga returns to Asgard and finds Thor studying but sees the Mjolnir with evidence from the party. Thor visits Jane and asks her out on a date but he is confronted by Vision in Ultron’s body with all six infinity stones.

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Episode Thoughts 🧠

What If Thor was like Ragnarok but make it high? Idk, but I enjoyed that this was a great palate cleanser especially after how insane the last episode was.

I definitely enjoyed the comedic tone of this episode and it was fun seeing a lot of characters like The Grandmaster and some of the Guardians. Also, hello? Frost Giant Loki!!!! That was such a surprise and I love how they poked with the “brothers” reference!

what if thor marvel episode seven
Thor in Las Vegas. Marvel Studios What If…?

Thor has the energy of a wild teenager and the way he reacted when Frigga knew about his shenanigans? That’s how you react when your mom comes home and you forgot to thaw the chicken! 😂

I’m so excited for the next episode because Ultron Prime!! With the Infinity Stones!!! It’s going to be amazing!!


what if thor episode 7

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