Hawkeye Episode Three means more comic Easter Eggs from Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye run and a great backstory on Maya Lopez/Echo!

This episode is my favorite so far!

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Hawkeye Episode Three: Echoes

Quick Recap 📝

The episode opens in 2007 with a young Maya Lopez in class. Instead of going to deaf school, she goes to an ordinary school and take martial arts lessons as her father teaches her to adapt by watching people around her. A grown-up Maya witnesses Ronin’s attack on the Tracksuit Mafia, killing her father.

In the present, Maya interrogates Clint and Kate about Ronin. Clint reveals that Black Widow killed Ronin, but Maya was skeptical about it. Clint manages to escape and goes into a fight with Maya, who destroys his hearing aid, and the Tracksuit Mafia. He frees Kate and they escape through a car chase.

Maya orders Kazi to look into Clint Barton, but Kazi warns her not to get in trouble with “Uncle”. Meanwhile, Kate and Clint get Clint’s hearing aid fixed and decide to sneak into the Bishop penthouse to hack into the Bishop Security’s criminal database. Kate gets locked out of the database while Clint encounters Jack Duquesne with the Ronin sword.

Episode Thoughts 🧠

Hawkeye Episode Three was a huge leap from the first two episodes, especially during the fight scenes! We finally saw Clint do some Hawkeye-ing!

hawkeye episode three maya lopez
Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios’ HAWKEYE. | ©Marvel Studios

I’m not entirely familiar with Maya Lopez/Echo’s character but I knew that from the comics, she was Kingpin’s adopted daughter. Which brings me to “Uncle”!!! Hello?!!? Wilson Fisk!!!! I mean, it’s technically not confirmed yet but Marvel really had me on the edge of my seat during that particular scene where some guy in a black suit caressed young Maya’s cheek. A certain guy with a big built and a very VERY Vincent D’Onofrio chuckle. I’m sorry but as a fan of Netflix’s Daredevil, I almost lost my mind.

Plus recently, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige just confirmed that Charlie Cox will indeed play Daredevil in future projects. If Matt Murdock truly ends up appearing in the next Spider-man movie like the rumors say, I can die happily.

Going back to Maya, I really love how the series set up her character. I got to empathize with her character as the series intended to. I’m so glad that we’re getting more diverse representation and that it feels really authentic. At least, in my opinion. I also love how they wrote Alaqua Cox’s prosthetic leg into Maya’s character. I’m so excited to see more of her in the future episodes, as well as in her own show! Cheers to more representation!

hawkeye episode three clint kate pizza dog hawkeye episode three
Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, and Lucky the Pizza Dog in Marvel Studios’ HAWKEYE. | ©Marvel Studios

The fight scenes were very reminiscent of the movies. I think it really captured the action-packed and quirky tone that we’re familiar with. Renner and Steinfeld’s chemistry as Clint and Kate was so good! I also love the Pym Tech arrow, they used! That was such a treat! So far, the show really did well balancing the fan-service with the easter eggs, while also incorporating fresh takes for the characters and the story.

I’m not lying when I say that Hawkeye is my favorite MCU show so far! I’m just so excited to see the rest of the series!


hawkeye episode three

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